Background Experience

I have spent quite a bit of time researching these therapies, procedures, and have taught physical therapy at chiropractic school.  What I found may surprise you…that some treatments work very well, and much better than others for the treatment of different kinds of spine pain.

A Detailed Examination

The key here is doing a good examination, a careful review of the MRI, and arriving at an ACCURATE diagnosis.  Then we know what will work.  At our office, we only use treatments that have been proven to work.

The Right Treatment for the Right Solution

That means for the spine, we often use DRX 9000 decompression therapy to actually fix the problem, then Medx to strengthen the spine.  A new technology, “A Perfect Light” is amazing at making tissue heal faster, any tissue.  Active Release Technique, which I teach worldwide now, is very good at removing scar tissue adhesions and promoting blood flow and freedom of movement.

Not Being Stuck in A Rut

We have tried and also researched some of the other therapies, such as electric stim, oxygen therapy, accupuncture, etc, and they do have their place, but don’t really help as well for spine problems.  When we use what really works, then you get well faster, which may include new treatment methodologies we have proven will work.

Our End Goal

Our Job is to get you well quickly, so that you don’t need us as much!