SHARC Technique

SHARC Technique has been developed over 15 years and focuses on the major joint complexes of the body. It is a method of stabilizing joints, greatly reducing pain and irritation, which can lead to injury. It is also a great way to increase the ballistic strength and speed of the body, enhancing sports performance like no other technique. In one short study with a basketball team, the sprint times and standing jump heights were significantly increased for all but one player. As it turned out, that player had a lower back problem that needed further attention before the results could be obtained. SHARC has application in many types of injury, sports performance, and any musculoskeletal condition where balance, strength, and speed are compromised.

Rate Coding and Fiber Recruitment
Raise the Rate!

Rate Coding is the number of impulses of the motor nerve per unit time. It is directly related to how quickly the muscle will respond, and how fast the muscle will contract repeatedly. Fiber Recruitment is what percentage of the muscle gets a signal. It is directly related to the strength of the contraction. When both rate coding and fiber recruitment are maximized, the joint those muscles move becomes more stable, able to move in the physiologic pattern without deviating. The muscles are also able to react more quickly to stress in any direction, further stabilizing the joint and protecting it from injury. We want to raise the rate of rate coding and fiber recruitment so that the muscle gets more signals faster. When these two factors are in full expression, the athlete is much quicker, more ballistic, and stronger. I have used SHARC at the Olympics and with professional athletes with great success. It is a great technique just prior to competition.

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