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Our customers depend on us to provide exceptional services. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s what our customers say about our efforts.

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“Dr. Leahy is the best chiropractor I have used and, as a massage therapist that periodically needs to refer clients to a chiropractor for additional treatment, I am very grateful to have found his office for a number of reasons:

He has never failed to help clients I have sent to him – many of which have chronic pain issues or have been to other chiropractors with no results.

He doesn’t “oversell” himself or his services – he fixes you up and sends you on your way in as few visits as possible – yes, a chiropractor that doesn’t have a 10 year plan if you want to walk upright again!! Amazing!

His office is always on time and always takes great care of you – customer service is amazing!”

— Audra Soltis, massage therapist

I went to Stanford hospital to have back surgery, but because of heart issues they postponed it for a week. A friend said “let me take you Dr. Leahy, he completely fixed my daughter’s knee, after she fell off a horse where her knee was broken.” My friend said, “try Dr. Leahy and if he says he cannot help you then go and get the surgery”. I came into the office crawling and crying, I was in so much pain. Dr. Leahy said he could fix me, and after 20 sessions the pain was gone. Now I come back every 3 or 4 months and go on the machine one time, but ultimately the back pain is gone.

— Azi Pillow, retired

“To those interested in recovery…

My first step after my injury was to an Orthopedist. I was diagnosed with a disk injury in my neck. For multiple reasons it was determined that surgery was not yet an option. My strength was still good in both arms and hands. But, I had lots of pain. Rehabilitation therapy was suggested – I was referred to an incredible therapist – my treatment began. Once the acute inflammation was reduced – various exercises to strengthen my back, neck and shoulders were introduced. I was taught how to properly stretch – which was one of the most amazing discoveries. I finished my prescribed visits to the therapist – and returned to my orthopedist for another evaluation. My condition had gotten better. I then asked the therapist if she felt a visit to my chiropractor was allowed – I felt I needed to have adjustments between my shoulders and to other areas of my back and neck. To my surprise she agreed, as long as they didn’t adjust the portion of the neck that had been injured. After review of all my MRI and other films Dr Leahy began a very specific treatment. His main focus was maintaining my alignment in other areas of the back and reducing stress on my neck while I continued to work on recovery. It was then that I began feeling the best I had in a year. Dr Leahy is now a regular monthly visit. His tissue stretching method or “ART” has been an amazing discovery for me. Every visit he slowly stretches my back and neck reestablishing my range of motion before his adjustments. The combination of therapies has allowed me to now sleep through the night without medication. Most importantly I continue to recover. I highly recommend his practice. He is not only my doctor; he has become a good friend and colleague. ”

— Greg Weber, Entertainment/Interactive Director

I had an incident where my back went out, I mean OUT! I could barely walk to the car. Dr. Leahy gently stretched me, then recommended DRX as therapy. I started treatment and noticed a huge difference in the stability of my back. I thought that after a few months I wouldn’t need it anymore, but when I stopped (due to scheduling problems) my back went back to being a problem again. I use DRX faithfully, once a month now and I look forward to going. And the good news is that my insurance covers a good part of it too. Of course I get regular adjustments to my back too, and wouldn’t miss them for anything.

— Lucie Killian

The greatest thing in the world happened when I was referred to Dr. Leahy for the excruciating pain in my lower back. I was unable to walk and had to get around in a wheelchair. The first appointment I had with Dr. Leahy, he had to assist me getting on the DRX 9000 machine because my legs and pain would not allow me to stand. I tried to get on and slid right down to the bottom. Dr. Leahy was able to lift me up and from there it was all uphill without relapses. He told me it would take me some time before improvement could be notably detected using the DRX machine. Well his words came true. I noticed subtle changes by starting to walk little by little and the pain was also disappearing. By the end of my treatments on the DRX, I was free of pain and walking without assistance. I still go back for treatments on the DRX every two to three months as needed. I cannot thank Dr. Leahy enough for the ability to walk and be free of pain.

All my gratification to Dr. Leahy.

— Mrs. Pauline Morris, retired

I have seen many Chiropractors. Dr. Leahy has been a dream come true for me. If you have pain especially chronic pain go see him. I used to go to 2 to 3 times a week for years with Chiropractors of my past. Currently I see Dr. Leahy once sometimes twice a month. After my first adjustment I felt like a miracle just happened. He actually listens and observes how I am looking and feeling. The best thing is I don’t have to wait for days for an appointment. 99.9% of the time I get a same day appointment. His staff is wonderful… Even my daughter who has seen Chiropractors since she was a tot and is now an adult just loves his adjustments. I am a current patient and plan on staying one as long as he is in practice.

Thank You Chase Chiropractic

— Sandra West

“I played professional football for 14 years, and won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens. In a sport like football it is critically important to treat injuries properly, and even more important to stay ahead of injuries. One of the ways I was able to do this throughout my career was with Active Release Technique, or ART.; Dr. Leahy is the best I have seen at this, and he basically kept me going. Without ART I would not have been able to play as long or effectively as I did. It dramatically reduces pain, and keeps performance up. And now with the addition of A Perfect Light therapy, ART works faster, and more completely. Just the other day I could hardly walk going into his office, and could not lift my legs or straighten up at all. After 20 minutes of APL and then ART, I had complete range of motion, and no pain, ready to resume workouts. My family and I trust Dr. Joe Leahy, ART and A Perfect Light to help us.”

— Trent Dilfer
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