Personal Injury Care

After an injury it is very important to diagnose the nature and extent of the injury properly. Only then can the best treatment be provided, and recovery obtained as quickly and completely as possible. We utilize the latest tests and measurement, scans etc to arrive at the proper diagnosis. Then we have the best treatments available. We have researched them all, and arrived at using the treatments that really work. Gentle, effective methods that are easy on you.

An interesting story: My wife and I have lunch with a prominent attorney one day, and he told me that he looked up my background before meeting. He said he always does this, and not to be offended. There is a doctor rating system used by the insurance companies, and he said he has never seen a rating even remotely as good as mine. “What have you been doing!?” was what he asked. Now he refers any accident victim in this area to this office, (he works statewide).