Wellness is becoming a hot topic in health care, and for good reasons. Interestingly, wellness is usually defined as the absence of disease. But I don’t agree. It should be defined as the full expression of your vibrant healthy capabilities, and of course with that will come the absence of pain or disease. But how do we get there? Is it Chiropractic, accupuncture, nutrition, exercise? And the answer is yes, it is all those things that you as an individual need to fully express your vibrant health. So the treatment must be very individual, tailored to each single person in order to accomplish this.

And that is what we do here and Chase Chiropractic. We have put together the most effective treatments available, and combine that with a personalized program of exercise, and nutrition, and rest that will help you reach your goal. Sounds easy right? I am sure you will agree that getting the right program worked out is not that easy, it takes real effort, and that is why not many doctors actually do it. Some say they do, but that often means you just get what they like to do. As an example, I see patients often who have been told that decompression therapy is what they need for their spine, when the problem is not even in the area that the therapy will target.

So wellness is about getting together and working out all the details, individually, with knowledge of all that is available, and what works. Then true wellness is achievable.