Personal Injury Care

Personal Injury Care

We diagnose the nature and extent of the injury properly. Only then can the best treatment be provided, and recovery obtained as quickly and completely as possible. More . . 

Performance Care

Performance Care

Utilize our extensive experience helping world-class athletes take your performance to the next level.
We utilize biomechanical analysis, high speed video, precise measurements, nutritional programs to benefit you. More . . .

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A Perfect Light program showing promise. More…

Super Bowl Player:

“I played professional football for 14 years, and won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens. In a sport like football it is critically important to treat injuries properly, and even more important to stay ahead of injuries. One of the ways I was able to do this throughout my career was with Active Release Technique, or ART.; Dr. Leahy is the best I have seen at this, and he basically kept me going.”

Prominent Attorney:

There is a doctor rating system used by the insurance companies, and he said he has never seen a rating even remotely as good as mine. “What have you been doing!?” was what he asked. Now he refers any accident victim in this area to this office, (he works statewide).

Confined to a Wheelchair:

“The greatest thing in the world happened when I was referred to Dr. Leahy for the excruciating pain in my lower back. I was unable to walk and had to get around in a wheelchair…By the end of my treatments on the DRX, I was free of pain and walking without assistance.”